ISO 29990:2010
Learning Services For Non-Formal Education And Training Certification

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ISO 29990:2010 (Learning Services Management Systems) - is designed for all types of education service givers, to include colleges and universities, industrial firms offering in-house further training, as well as association-run training institutes. In doing so, the standard emphasizes the single most essential asset of any training institution: the learning services themselves. With its focus on the real learning requirements of the target group, the development of appropriate content, and the evaluation of learning results, the standard describes a model that is trend-setting because it provides proof of competence and quality.

When we plan to set a system for learning services in the field of non-formal education and training then we face more troubles than we think! ISO 29990:2010 set an global benchmark for best quality management system for learning and training service supplier with this goal that there is no necessity for a deep understanding of something complex national plans for guaranteed the excellence of provider of training and learning services, which in a few nations are non-existent or hard to comprehend.

Benefits of ISO 29990:2010

  • It increases the status and the credibility of the organization both in the local and the global market
  • It offers a competitive advantage in meeting contractual compulsions
  • It demonstrates the promise of organization’s top management to give high quality education and training services
  • It can demonstrate, through an independent body that the internal audits of the organization are implemented and meet business goals and strategies
  • It improves the credibility and the performance of corporate divisions/departments providing in-company training.
  • The annual assessments support the organization to observe and develop its performance

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